Who are we?

Looking for a unique idea for a hens’ party in Brisbane? Try the classy option - Life Drawing.  Our vibrant and experienced female tutors know just how to rouse a room full of ladies and get them excited, and will have everyone laughing and having a good time.  And our male models are a change from the stripper with poor social skills - our male models are chosen for their gentlemanly disposition, friendly and approachable nature, and of course, their gym attendance!  


Can’t draw? No problem. Our lovely tutors will guide you through the the basics of drawing whilst you sip a glass of bubbly. Then, during our exclusive party games, practice your new skills as our gorgeous model strikes a pose.


Venue Parties

At Home Parties

Drawn From Life offers two types of hens party, the first being our 'everything handled' studio party. Our venues are conveniently located near the Brisbane CBD.

You will have a large space to yourselves, music, you can bring wine or champagne, and a wide range of drawing materials will be provided so that you can enjoy the real experience, like the pros!  All you need to do is show up and have fun!

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Our second party type is call an 'At Home party'. These run a bit cheaper if you're looking to save money, and while they don't take place in a studio or have all the genuine features, your special day can be made easier if we can come to you.


We'll bring drawing paper, materials, and of course one of our exuberant female tutors, and one of our friendly, handsome models!

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