Our home parties are a single fee for the whole group, nice and simple.  All you need to provide is a room big enough for your group and the model.


Don’t be concerned if you can’t draw, your tutor will reveal all!

Happy art tutors, charming models!

Our enthusiastic and high-energy female art tutors will come to you, bringing a handsome and gentlemanly model with them!  Our staff are chosen for their personalities and are well practised in keeping a large group of ladies entertained. You will not find anything else like this in Brisbane! 


Our female art tutors  are professionally trained and experts on making drawing fun!  And bot only are our models in really good shape and easy on the eye, but they are specially picked for being courteous and friendly!  No air-headed male models here!

We bring everything to you!

We provide all necessary art materials; coloured pastels, charcoal, pencils & erasers, and clipboards, so all you need to do is prepare a space and turn up!

Home parties include the following;

  • Two hours of life drawing fun and learning!

  • Our professionally trained and enthusiastic female art tutor!

  • One of our handsome male models specially picked for being fit, courteous and friendly!

  • Exclusive DFL drawing-based party games which encourage interactivity between your group and keep everyone entertained and laughing while learning at the same time!

  • All art materials supplied, so no hassle for you! This includes drawing pads, pencils, and coloured pastels!

  • A complimentary bottle of sparkling wine!

  • And flowers for the bride!


Please note: Easles are not included with either of the Home Party options.  If you'd like the experience of drawing with easels, in a genuine art studio on a 4th floor with a great view of the city (and we highly recommend it!), please consider our Studio Parties!

Just prepare a space!

Have it at the convenience of your own home, your office space (yes we have done this!) or any other private venue!

Clear enough space for your model to be in clear view of everyone, your tutor to move around freely, and somewhere for all the ladies to sit!

Topless Waiter

If you have food and drinks on the side, why not add a little more convenience - and a little more eye candy! Have a topless waiter help hand out food, and top up drinks, and be courteous for the duration of the party.  This will just cost an extra $80 on top of the party price.


Taking pictures of each other is fine, but please respect the privacy of the models and do not take photos of them without their permission - these guys have jobs and lives outside of this, some of them are aspiring actors!  If you would like photos of the model or with the model, feel free to ask permission - this is up to the model.


However, the instructor will take group shots at the end, with the model included!


We recommend booking our professional photographer to shoot your event. Our photographer will take amazing and creative shots during your party and organise group photos with the model at the end.  This is a super low fee of $200 AND includes digital copes of high resolution photos of your unforgettable evening.  You will NOT hire photography and editing anywhere else for that fee!  You will have memories lasting a lifetime to share with friends!


Please be sure that you read and understand the following 


  • You will need a room big enough to fit your group and the model.

  • Please try not to drink TOO much before the party! By all means, enjoy light drinks! But our parties can fall to pieces when the ladies are feeling too giddy to follow instructions and ruining the night for those that do want to join in!

  • Photos cannot be taken of the model without his express permission

  • You MUST provide appropriate heating or cooling depending on the weather - without this, the instructor has the authority to have the model clothed, or sit out to cool off if she feels the temperature is unhealthy.

  • We recommend that you bring some favourite music.

Booking and Payment

  • For up to 25 people $550

  • For up to 50 people $750
  • A travel fee will apply depending on your location from the CBD.  Note: Parties hosted within the heart of the CBD itself (eg. in a hotel) will automatically incur a $30 travel feel to cover parking costs for both staff members attending.

  • A deposit of $50 is required to secure your booking. Deposit is deductible from your total cost.

  • The remainder of the fees must be paid by 10 working days prior your party date. 

  • Payments can be made via direct deposit. Banking details provided upon booking.

Should We Book You In?

Please read the terms and conditions.